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Kansas deer unit 8Kansas deer management unit 8 in north central Kansas is within the Republican, Big and Little Blue Watersheds. It is grain farming country.

The Association has private land in the counties of: Republic, Washington, Cloud, Clay, Riley, Ottawa and Dickinson.

Near by towns with hunter services such as lodging, campgrounds, meat locker and wrecker service include:

Republic County, Belleville.
Washington County, Washington.
Cloud County, Delphos and Clyde.
Clay County, Clay Center.
Riley County, Randolph, Leonardville.
Ottawa County, Minneapolis.
Dickinson County, Abilene.

The Association has private land in adjoining units of 7 and 9.

Unit 8 Is Kansas Deer Hunting Tree Stand Country

Early archery season. The soybeans (row crop in the picture) turning yellow start to do so in mid September to mid October at the latest. Plenty of cover to work through. Remember this picture when packing a 24 inch tree saw and pole trimmer. The other reminder this picture brings is once the soybeans lose their green they lose their appeal as preferred deer browse. Remembering browsing is different than grazing. Browsing is selecting a part of the plant. Deer feed on tips. Grazing would take the entire plant top as would cows do is let lose in a soybean field.

Hunting lease on the ground picture

This watershed country has many dry and wet drainage's cutting through the crop fields connecting wood patches repeated many times over. The opposed terrain would be hill country, cattle range of raised ground, far less grain crops, little water, few trees. This is one advantage of the Association. That is it leases land where the greatest return to the hunter is possible. The Association takes away a lot of the mystery of where to hunt.

Both aerials below are leases that produced trophy tag-on success. Both are highly contrasting in cover. The one with the more trees will get the most scouting and hunting pressure from new to the Association hunters. The spots with the less appealing aerials get less attention. They also hold trophy bucks.

The most wooded whitetail cover to be found.

Both the above and below are 160 cares each. Similarities include both have grain farming, no cattle pasture. Differences is one has as much woody cover to be found. The other grasslands.

More private land hunting for the self guided hunter who has a choice of where to hunt.

The aerial above is of trophy deer land. Many will argue against that. Many will say more trees make for more deer. The seasoned Kansas hunter knows otherwise. Yes, we agree woody cover is good. However, there are more than one contributing factor that makes any one spot to hold large bucks. Cover is cover to a deer whether it is a 40 foot high tree or 5 foot high grass. Add to that cover element the other whitetail attracting characteristics of a good spot. The more of these characteristics in a smaller area is likely to produce the better hunt. That being isolation from human direct observation, a water source and the preferred food for that time of year.

The majority of Association hunters travel in from far away. It is the common practice to gravitate to terrain they are most familiar with. What is hard to break from is that in Kansas, a Great Plains State, farming is king and native grass is largely an unknown cover. The hunter needs to adapt to what exists and not expect what exists to adapt to his desires. Meaning change the hunting tactics to meet the terrain to the survival or reproduction behavior of any part of the hunting season that covers it all.

In this unit there is plenty of woody cover to satisfy the woods only hunter. There is also plenty of other cover types for those hunter capable of adapting to a different whitetail patterns based on preferred food type to season, limited water access, isolation form all human observation and low to the deer eye level cover.

Big Woods Not Required

Little woods deer.

Heath. A little woods buck. Not one tree to hold a stand.

Have a look at more hunter success.

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