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Self Guided Hunting on Private Land Since 1965

Deer Pheasant Quail Duck Turkey Self Guided

Who We Are:

Mid-America Hunting Association. A foot hunting, private land, self guided hunter organization continuously operating since 1965.

Our Association controls tens of thousands of acres in Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.


Flat seasonal rate to hunt the hunter's choice of season. Each hunter will have a choice of spots to hunt every day.

How To Make A Self Guided Hunt:

Hunters have access to an online map library. All farms are numbered on those maps. The maps serve as the basis of conversation between hunters and the us of where to hunt. each spot has a linked aerial and GPS coordinates.

Hunters make an online 24/7/365 or by his choice a live person, immediate confirmation telephone, M-F 9-530, reservation to land for any days he wants to hunt. This keeps hunters separated.

Hunters provide, use their own equipment and skill.

Read about our self guided hunts.

Deer Hunting

Mule and Whitetail Deer hunting. Open for archery, modern firearms and muzzleloader seasons.

Hunt your state and season of choice. With three states of seasons to pick from vacation planning is easier.

Success comes from covering ground to find a buck of choice. An opposed idea is to have just one spot and hope something comes by.

Have a look at some Association success.

Kansas Deer Hunting

Hunting land in Management Units 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, and 17. Hunters have a choice of regional difference of where to hunt. Once there he has several spots to hunt.

More information.

Iowa Deer Hunting

In zones 4 and 5. Crop farms, wooded drainage's and woodlots. Easy to combine our southern Iowa private land hunting with our north Missouri hunting leases.

Iowa zone 4 or 5 details.

Missouri Crop Land

Missouri seems to be the forgotten state until checking record books. All land is within Missouri's four point one side zone.

Read more about Missouri deer lease land.

Missouri Duck - Private Wetlands

From enhanced natural wetlands. Water in/out flow controlled. Duck blinds, wade-in, layout boat areas or field hunts over crop stubble for goose and duck.

Start with teal, to regular waterfowl. Continuing with late into spring goose seasons.

Multiple wetlands of marsh, slough, sloughs flooded through timber and open water. Hunters may watch national and state migratory reports and go to where the ducks are.

For those with dogs there is also pheasant hunting.

Review our Association wetlands.

Iowa or Kansas Pheasant

Wild pheasant only. For individual hunters and small groups. No drive hunts.

Hunt over grain farms, brush filled draws or tall grass.

No mixing dogs with others. Step out of your truck onto a different field each time doing so. More land to hunt each day than daylight will allow.

Land from southern Iowa through north Missouri then from east to west Kansas. There is good pheasant population each season. It is just a matter of which regional area has had better weather effects reproduction survival.

See wild pheasant hunting.

Wild Quail

Miles of edge cover along large and small grain fields. Hunters' enjoy being able to work his dog at his own pace all on wild coveys.

Choose when to hunt during the entire season. Also choose the farms to hunt.

More quail hunter information starts at this page.

Fall and Spring Turkey Hunting

Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey. Fall and spring season.

Three states, five spring tags, eight week season, more come fall.

Success from hunting more than one flock. Most will have two or more roosts identified to develop daily patterns. No need to keep pressuring any same flock. Deer scout during spring turkey season.

See some turkey hunter success.

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